What's a "nekoyoubi?"

If you're not sure why you're here, then how am I supposed to know? [o.0] If you mean the word, it's not a long story, but I'm still tired of telling; suffice it to say, it jokingly means "caturday" in Japanese.

New host, new tech, new site; the works!

After an unfortunate fallout with my last host, I'm happy to say that I will be building back up anew. I also plan to do a hell of a lot more with this place than I previously did. Unfortunately, that means I'm probably going to spend a lot more time in webdev-mode than I'm used to these days, but fortunately, it means that I should be able to provide more than I was able to in the past. I do need to build it all up from scratch, however, so please give me time before calling me out. ;Þ

Things to expect

I play a game or two every now and again. I also make them, write mods for them, enhance them with automation at times, make imagery of them, gather their resources to create fun little projects, etc. I'll more than likely be posting a lot of that here. I might also write an article or two, give an opinion here or there; who knows?

I'm guessing a RADIO STATION isn't something you expected, huh? ;)